Frequently Asked Questions

To secure your dates, you will be required to make a deposit. Single party bookings require a non-refundable deposit of 50% or $3,000 whichever is less at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due the day of the trip.

In event of a cancellation by up to one week ahead of reservation, Tundra Adventure Charters LLC will attempt to re-book another trip and if successful will refund a portion of your payment. Any cancellation with less than one week notice will be fully charged for trip.

If charter is cancelled due to weather or mechanical problems before reaching destination, you will be refunded 100% or rescheduled for anther charter if schedule allows.

If mechanical problems arise during charter a portion of your payment will be refunded. Before noon 50%. After noon to return 25%.

The captain has full control of calling any trips due to weather (you really don’t want to be out there if he doesn’t want to be).

For fishing and sightseeing trips dressing in layers is always the best way to go.

Sweatshirts, jeans, rain gear and comfortable clothes make all the difference. Hats are great for wind, sun, and heat loss on cooler days. Gloves and comfortable non-skid walking shoes are great.

Don’t forget your camera for those amazing views you will see.

From Girdwood, drive south approx. 20 minutes to the Portage Glacier/ Whittier Tunnel turn off. Turn left there and follow signs to tunnel entrance. The tunnel traffic is a controlled one-way lane that opens on the half hour from the Portage side. Summer hours start at 5:30 am. The lane is only open for 15 minutes one direction, then closes & opens from the Whittier side on the 15 & 45 minute times.

Whittier Tunnel Schedule

Unscheduled trains using the tunnel in addition to the regularly scheduled passenger trains may cause occasional delays. Please plan with this possibility in mind. Once you arrive on Whittier side of tunnel follow the road to the Harbor parking lot. You will see a large two story building right at harbor side. This is the harbormasters office. Go inside & pay for a 12.00 parking ticket & put it in car up front by windshield. If you are in a trailer or large motor home you will have to park in dedicated parking far across railroad tracks and to the right.

511 Road Line

City of Whittier

If something happens to delay your arrival into the town of Whittier, call Capt. John directly at (907) 301-9532. He may be able to adjust the departure time of the boat so you may catch the next tunnel. Remember if there are more guests on board this will affect their trip as well, so do your best to arrive on time or early if need be.

There is a nice coffee shop near the dock to relax at if you do arrive ahead of schedule. If you do find yourself delayed on the Portage side of the tunnel, you will find there is no cell phone service at the tunnel entrance. Drive back to the Portage Visitor Center or Portage Lodge for use of a phone.

Fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 years or older. You may purchase them at any Safeway, Fred Meyer or sporting goods store.

ADF&G Licenses & Permits

There are a few options for processing. Depending on your schedule & next stay location. These local processors will vacuum seal, freeze, and ship your fish home for you:

• Whittier: Fee’s Custom Seafoods (907) 472-5055
• Seward: Captain Jack’s Seafood Lockers (907) 224-8082
• Indian: Indian Valley Meats (907) 653-7511
• Anchorage: Tenth & M Seafoods (907)272-3474

Your deckhand does a lot of work to ensure you have an enjoyable stay. From crewing the boat to cooking & cleaning & untangling fishing lines & filleting the fish. Tipping here follows the same standard as other service industries, 15% good job 20% great to outstanding.